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AJANews 139 – April 2015

Rwanda: Rediscovering a zest for life – The young woman approached Suzanne tentatively. “I want to ask you something,” she said shyly. “I have no family, will you be my aunt please?” Suzanne had first seen Chantal (not her real name) the day before, when she met a group of widows. Chantal’s life was destroyed during the genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994: she was widowed, raped and infected with HIV… Read more

AHAPPY: What am I for? – “AHAPPY is trying to shape us into people who love God, our neighbours and ourselves.” Eric is enthusiastic as he talks about the AJAN HIV and AIDS Prevention Program for Youth… Read more

Zambia: The path of life – Darrin Zammit Lupi is a photojournalist from Malta who generously volunteers to photograph AJAN projects across Africa. Darrin takes photos for Reuters, which has published this blog about a recent visit to the home-based care project of Chikuni Parish in southern Zambia… Read more

AJAN Lenten reflections: the full series for 2015 may be accessed here.

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