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AJANews 143 – September 2015


Evaluation finds AHAPPY “brilliant” – An external evaluation has showered praise on AHAPPY, the HIV prevention program for youth created and run by AJAN. AJAN commissioned an evaluation of the pilot phase of AHAPPY to ascertain whether the program has truly managed to empower young people to make informed and responsible choices for happier, more compassionate and more successful lives. The pilot covered seven countries: Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Burundi, CAR and Togo… Read more

Doing more to help teenagers living with HIV – Teenagers living with HIV need more care and expert attention to lead happy and fulfilled lives and to avoid being defined or defeated by the virus. “We need to reach out to adolescents – they are being left behind,” said Sr Mary Owens, executive director of the Children of God Relief Institute (COGRI) in Kenya, which runs Nyumbani Home, Nyumbani Village and the Lea Toto program for thousands of children and adolescents living with HIV… Read more

A special story among winners in AJAN competition – The story of a Kenyan teenager who had AIDS, told in his own words shortly before he died, is one of the winning scripts in the AJAN competition Youth for Life and Love. The second edition of the competition has 32 winners out of 118 entries – all children and adolescents attending Jesuit and other Catholic schools and centres in 11 sub-Saharan countries, truly reflecting the AJAN rainbow of Africa and Madagascar… Read more

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