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AJANews 146 – January 2016

Ghana: Mourning the loss of Fr Isidore Bonabom – If you search for “Isidore Bonabom” on the web, you’ll discover that the name belongs to a Jesuit priest passionate about human rights, especially when those threatened or abused. You’ll find Isidore’s excellent articles defending victims of torture, people with mental disability and people living with HIV, to name a few. And you will be infinitely sorry to learn that he is no more, that he was killed in a tragic car accident on 22 December 2015 in his native Ghana, aged 45. We, the African Jesuit AIDS Network (AJAN), want to pay tribute to Isidore for the generous way in which he lent his expertise and compassion to the cause of people living with HIV… Read more

Focus on ICASA 2015: The 18th edition of the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) was held in Zimbabwe at the end of 2015. The conference, which brought together leading scientists, practitioners, activists and organizations, started on 29 November and ended on 4 December. AJAN was represented at ICASA by participants from AJAN House and from Benin, Madagascar, Burundi and Zimbabwe itself. They contributed to the collective pool of knowledge and resources by sharing their own experiences, best practices and pragmatic approaches. In this issue of AJANews, we bring you some insights they took away from the conference. 

Focus on ICASA 2015: Africa, rise up to finish with HIV and AIDS!

Focus on ICASA 2015: Mobilize local resources

Focus on ICASA 2015: Parents disclosing to their children 

Focus on ICASA 2015: Young people as a priority

Focus on ICASA 2015: A stronger resolve

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