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Fr Elphège Quenum SJ, AJAN Director

“Wishes expressed at the start of 2017 revealed the impatience of many people, communities and families to close the door on 2016 for many reasons related socio-political, economic, health and other matters. In the struggle against HIV and AIDS, latest UNAIDS reports demonstrate the advances and successes won in the struggle against the pandemic, but also reveal the persistent enormity of the challenges: many people living with this devastating virus do not know their serological status; many others who test HIV-positive don’t have access to proper treatment, while opportunistic infections continue to claim countless lives.

“Nonetheless, the year 2017 brings plenty of hope. At AJAN, we bear the hope that the strategies announced at international level to put a definitive stop to AIDS will be deployed. We are getting together with our programs on the ground, to do our part to face the challenge of AIDS – a challenge to our health that has an undeniable impact on the development of the African continent.

“Our hope is nourished by international will, by the engagement of Jesuits and their co-workers on the ground, and by our many partners. We hope that the challenge to find sufficient resources, of all kinds, will not slow the pace towards hoped-for success. The year 2017 should mark the turning point in a sure victory against HIV and AIDS.”


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