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Masy Razafindradama, Centre Social Arrupe (CSA), Madagascar

According to latest HIV and AIDS estimates for Madagascar, the number of people living with HIV is 47,900, however only 1828 people have actually tested positive, including 134 who are on ARVs. The great challenges for Madagascar will be to bridge the confusing gap between these two statistics, 47,900 and 1828, and to find the people living with HIV who have been lost-to-follow-up in all the regions of Madagascar. In short, the country still has plenty to do if it is to reach the ‘zero’ goal by 2030, and the shorter-term 90-90-90 goal by 2020.

To do its part to help achieve these goals, the Family and Health Ministry of the Centre Social Arrupe (CSA) Faravohitra, has undertaken research about factors affecting adherence to HIV treatment in Madagascar. Our hope is to become actors in implementing the recommendations of this research and, in so doing, to contribute to the wellbeing of people living with HIV. The recommendations include:

  • Strengthening material support for indigent patients
  • Promoting the practice of voluntary testing in healthcare courses
  • Encouraging early testing for HIV
  • Guaranteeing the availability of medication and materials at local level where and when needed.

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