Above- AJAN Director Fr. Elphege Quenum, second right receives the Ecole De Province school delegation.

On 30th April 2019, AJAN was honored to host a team of volunteers, comprising mainly students, but also teachers and the director of Ecole de Provence, a Jesuits school from Marseille France’s second largest city.

Having keen interest in Jesuit activities across the world, and being willing and ‘ready to lend help in whatever small way they can’, the students raised some funds to assist the needy at St. Josephs Parish, Kangemi, Nairobi. “We are so excited to be in Kenya, not only to visit the thrilling sites of the gorgeous country, but also as volunteers”, said one of the students.

According to their director, Marie-Pierre Chabatier, the learners saved and then gathered whatever little they had in order to make it possible to come over and be able to visit Upendo and Uzima centers which comprise needy children, many of them orphans. These centers are Jesuit managed and are affiliated to African Jesuits AIDS Network.

Marie-Pierre, said that the students are enthusiastic about getting back home and to narrate their experiences to their colleagues who, for one reason or another, did not manage to join in the trip to Kenya. They will be glad to give firsthand testimony about life here in Kenya. She said that the chief motivation behind coming here was to share in the experiences of the people for whom the students had gathered and sent money to be helped. “It was not enough to send money”, She passionately observed.

Below: The students listen to Fr. Elphege as he mutters prayer and welcomes them for lunch

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