To ensure that African youth continue to enjoy exciting opportunities from AJAN towards improving their knowledge on HIV and AIDS, we are happy to announce the AHAPPY mobile app. In a letter to AJAN network directors on 15th September, 2020, Fr. John the Baptist Anyeh Zamcho who is Socius to the president of JCAM, and caretaker director of AJAN currently, called on all to share the information to as many youth as possible for enrollment and commencement of learning on the platform.

Based on Ignatian principles, it is developed from the AHAPPY manual and youth of ages 10 to 24 will also be able to boost their life skills. It is available in English, French and Portuguese and proposes five modules and an innovative interface where users can interact with each other.

There are five areas to gain knowledge from: Awakening to myself, This world I live in, Facing a world with HIV and AIDS, Knowing myself to grow myself, and The foundation on which I build my life.

To enroll use the following methods: –

Method 1: i. Register online on

Method 2 i. Download the mobile app from ii. Register on the downloaded app

A student who successfully completes this course will be issued with an online certificate from AJAN. Our initial target is to enroll 100 students within the first two weeks (commencing September 15th, 2020). Please feel free to address any queries to CALEB MWAMISI :