Image courtesy of the WHO

The COVID-19 virus is swiftly spreading through the world and affecting the normal way of life for the people. Governments are making significant changes due to it, for instance, limiting travel. It is not unclear anymore that the disease is a public health issue declared a pandemic.

According to the WHO, over 118,000 people are infected with the disease in 114 countries and 4,291 deaths thus far due to it. As at March 12, 2020, 33 countries in Africa have reported persons under investigation (PUI) for COVID-19, 105 total COVID-19 cases have been reported in 10 African countries. One death was reported from Egypt, a German tourist who was aboard in the Nile ship cruise (source: Africa Centers for Disease control and Prevention-CDC,

The virus infects people of all ages, but the most endangered groups are persons of 60 years and above, and those with other underlying illnesses. In case one is infected, it is important to follow the national and international instructions laid down, seek medical attention and take precaution to protect others.

Beside our work on HIV and AIDS, let each one of us keep an ear to the ground and let us use reliable information from the right organizations e.g. the WHO and national government agencies. AJAN stays in solidarity with those infected and affected in Africa and across the world. We are called to take personal and communal responsibility to guard against losing lives by taking all required precautions to stem the spread for CIVD 19 virus.