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AJAN best practices

PDF Booklets on best practices

 In 2015, AJAN published three booklets on best practices that have developed over the years in Jesuit AIDS ministries that sought to respond to the needs of the hour. Each of the booklets deals with a specific topic, namely stigma, children and teenagers living with HIV, and sustainable income-generating activities.

Each “best practice” has accompanying guidelines that spell out how it may be implemented. We have also drawn on widely accepted norms that guide intervention in these areas. The booklets also include photos and testimonies that give life to the best practices.

This series of booklets is the result of our attempts, as a continental network, to articulate what are the “best practices” of our ministry in key areas. By “best practice”, we mean the strengths of Jesuit AIDS projects, those interventions that have proved to work effectively in different settings.

These best practices are intended firstly for people involved in AIDS ministry, especially in AJAN and the rest of the church, but also for others who might find them a helpful guide. Beginners may use them as a practical inspiration while those who already have operational programs may consider them as a checklist of standards against which to measure their performance.


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