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Education for Life and Love in Madagascar

Centre Social Arrupe -Health and Family Pastoral Care is utilizing national catholic radio ‘Radio Don Bosco’to sensitize communities on topics which promote life and family values. Such a topic is natural family planning. Due to noticeable demand of this information whenever the topic is aired on Radio Don Bosco, the centre has introduced training of trainers on natural family planning. The trainings target practitioners, health agents and religious working in Catholic dispensaries. At least 20 trainers have already been trained and are now mentoring interested couples on how to use natural family planning.

In promotion of life and family values, the youths are not left behind. Since 2012, the Episcopal Committee for Education Pastoral in Madagascar is running Education for Life and Love program which is implemented in primary and secondary schools and education institutions for higher learning. The program seeks to promote life and minimize sexually transmitted infections, HIV and substance abuse amongst the youth and instead encourage upholding of social morals and virtues.

Centre Social Arrupe in collaboration with Episcopal Committee for Education Pastoral in Madagascar has mentored at least 30 participants who include teenagers and their parents, head teachers of catholic and public schools, journalists and youth on education for life and love. The training covered topics such as Andragogy, Me, My Self, Me and Others, Relationships (friendship, family, gender) and Promoting Life and Teenager Reproductive Health.

Through Radio Don Bosco, Centre Social Arrupe is interactively engaging the youth and entire communities in Madagascar on topical issues such as HIV and AIDS. As a result, majority of the youth are informed about HIV and AIDS and hopeful, are now able to make informed choices and live responsibly.

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