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Gratitude Moment: “I am going to save the community and help create awareness about HIV”

I would like first and foremost to express my deep appreciation for the efforts of the incredibly dedicated AJAN team who conducted the AJAN HIV and AIDS Prevention Programme for the Youth (AHAPPY) training of trainers, Fr. Ismael Matambura Sj AJAN Director, Ms. Samantha Waki, Ms. Mary Wanjugu, Ms. Sergon Pascalia and Mr. Dennis Owuoche. My sincere gratitude goes to each one of them for their enthusiastic commitment, self-sacrifice and passion that they showed while undertaking the training.

From Left to Right Mr. Dennis Owuoche, Ms. Samatha Waki. Rev. Fr. Edwin Ndumia (Youth Chaplain, Catholic Diocese of Nakuru), Ms. Mary Wanjugu, Ms. Pascalia Sergon and Fr. Ismael Matambura Sj, AJAN Director

Special gratitude to Fr. Edwin Ndumia for his support and for organizing accommodation for all the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru (CDN) youth officials at St. Mary’s Pastoral Center, we found the place good and comfortable environment for training.

AJAN training equipped us with relevant information skills on how to manage relationship and our emotions. I gained knowledge about the impact of HIV/AIDS towards individual, family, society, nationwide and continent at large. I learnt the importance of having a growth mindset instead of having a fixed mindset. Last but not least I learned new leadership skills, intellectual capability and also mentoring skills.

Mark Ronaldo, (the one holding a book) during a group presentation at the AHAPPY TOT, Catholic Diocese of Nakuru

I hereby confirm to you that all the skills I gained from the training, I shall apply to my daily life to save the community and help create awareness about HIV. In conclusion I thank in a special way all the participants for their active participation during the training held at St. Mary’s Pastoral Centre, November 2022 which contributed to the success of the training.

Fr. Ismael Matambura Sj, AJAN Director engaging the youth participants from the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru during the AHAPPY TOT at St. Mary’s Pastoral Center, Nakuru

I therefore urge AJAN team to continue offering the AHAPPY training to other youths and may God bless you all and give you people energy to keep going. Thank you.


Mark Ronaldo

St. Patrick’s Ravine Parish (Ravine), Koibatek Deanery

Catholic Diocese of Nakuru (CDN)

Pe. Matambura Ismael, SJ


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