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In line with integral development of the youth, through the AHAPPY Generation program, AJAN secretariat strives to ensure that all its affiliate centres have a pool of trainer on AHAPPY so that each in their respective missions, have the capacity and resource to accompany the youth to a future filled with hope.

Fr. Ismael Matambura SJ., AJAN Director, one of the facilitators during AHAPPY ToT session
Fr. Ismael Matambura SJ., AJAN Director, one of the facilitators during AHAPPY ToT session

Chikuni Home Based Care (CHBC) is AJAN’s affiliate centre in Zambia, one of the centers that had not received AHAPPY TOT, due to overlap of activities and circumstances. From the 14th to 18th August, AJAN team conducted a five-days AHAPPY training of trainer’s in Lusaka Zambia.

Within the complex of Chikuni, there are Jesuits schools, colleges, community schools among many. AHAPPY coordination at Chikuni was delegated to the chaplaincy office, headed by Fr. Watson Matara, who brought on board teachers, mentors and students from various schools to benefit from the training.  32 participants were drawn from the following institutions; St. Pierre Canisius high school (11 participants (5teachers, 1 nurse and 1 priest and 4 boys)), Chikuni girls high school (2 teachers), which are both from Chikuni- Monze region, St. Josephs girls high school (14 participants (4 teachers, 1 Sister-matron and 9 girls) from Chivuna-Monze region and St. Ignatius of Loyola (5 participants ( 4teachers and I girl) from Lusaka region.

Participants take part in group work sessions with the assistants of the facilitators (Fr. Ismael Matambura SJ. (Picture on the left) and Ms. Pascalia Sergon (Center-picture on the right)).

The training took place at Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) located within the city of Lusaka. AJAN trainers; Fr. Ismael Matambura (AJAN Dictor), Ms Pascalia Sergon (AJAN Programs office) and Ms. Mary Wanjogu (AJAN Collaborator) conducted the successful training.

Participants make presentation from group work discussions during AHAPPY ToT session
Participants make presentation from group work discussions during AHAPPY ToT session

Participants make presentation from group work discussions during AHAPPY ToT session

At the close of the workshop Fr. Watson had this to say,

Concerning this program, we have been going through with AJAN, I think it is a very good program, there are many things we have learnt. We thought that talking about HIV is an old fashion story, this information we already in our hands and have heard many times. But actually it was an eye opener, there is so much information, we do know very little about what is happening. I like it because it is very practical program. With the students and the teachers, they will implement what they have learnt here. As trainers we will do a lot in our various communities. My only worry is that, the schools involved in the trained are schools which we can say were urban schools, but we want to reach out to rural schools. I think is now left to us to be doing that. But otherwise, I think this is very good program and it will be implemented accordingly, seeing what people will be presenting what they are going to do, I think it is very quiet a good program.

Ms. Mary Wanjogu leads participants through warm activities during AHAPPY ToT session
Ms. Mary Wanjogu leads participants through warm-up activities during AHAPPY ToT session

This is what the some of the Student that participated had to say,

Mola, Grade 10, 16 years; St. Canicius Secondary School

“I have come here to learn the program of Africa Jesuits network. What we are learning here is the about the impact of HIV and what AIDS can do in our lives and in our community. For the last two days. What we have captured is that so fat is that, having HIV is not the end. HIV can be prevented through abstinence, having protected sex and being faithful to your companions and actually, abstain from sex as a young person. What I have learned here, I am going to apply in my everyday life, showing my friends, everyone around me and showing them exactly how HIV can impact on their lives. I will tell them how the program has touched my life so that I can uplift others out there, so that I can change people’s lives and the lives of everyone in the community.”

Nachula, 14 Years; St. Joseph Secondary school

“I have come for the AHAPPY training. From this training, I am learning a lot of things, such as helping people living with HIV, Effects of HIV AIDS and how I can prevent it.. What I would like to take home or do in the future is to support those living HIV, how to live a positive life, how to avoid infecting other people and how they can inspire other people through their lives.”

This is what one of the teachers had to say,

Sr. Debora

“I come from Malawi, working in Chivuna, Monze diocese. Chivuna is a rural place, it is not located within the city. I work at St. Joseph’s, girls secondary school, with a population 750 pupils. The nature of Chivuna is very different. We really thank God that AJAN invited us to attend the training in this AHAPPY Program. The program has been worthy because it will, not only our help our pupils, but the local community to know about HIV. Our pupils are the ambassadors in the fight against HIV. We are happy that our teachers participated too, so that they form a networking team that will help to minimize or reduce the spread of HIV. We hope to reach the people who are not here, like the church leaders of various denominations and traditional leaders, so that they themselves can reach out to the community. That way, we curb the reduction of HIV to zero.”

By, Pascalia Sergon

AJAN Capacity Building Officer

Ismael Matambura



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