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Centres Sociaux Loyola (CSL) Undertakes sensitization and screening of HIV/AIDS among the people of Agoè Nyivé During World AIDS Day 2022

Push for Equality” is the theme chosen by UN-AIDS to celebrate World AIDS Day 2022. Since the inception of the celebration in 1988 by the United Nations, every 1st of December, it is an opportunity for global health organizations to raise awareness against the HIV/AIDS pandemic, during which people are made aware of affirmative actions that are to be taken to bring an end to the disease.

For the 2022 edition, we focused our campaign on raising awareness of eradicating inequalities and other pandemics that are holding back the fight against HIV but also encouraging participants to take part in screen tests, to know their HIV status. Centres Sociaux Loyola (CSL) targeted 10 sites in the city of Lomé where students and teachers from Collège Génération OBAMA (Légbassito) received the CSL team.

The epidemiological situation of HIV in Togo, generalities about HIV, the different screening and care including viral benefits, other pandemics including viral diseases, stigma, discrimination and access to care for the most vulnerable populations constitute major obstacles to the fight against HIV/AIDS that were addressed. We are glad to report that the awareness session brought together 285 volunteers who learned and got to know about their HIV and hepatitis B serology.

It should be noted that the health crisis has provided yet another example of the close links between health and the reduction of inequalities and human rights. Thus, to end the HIV/AIDS pandemic, viral hepatitis, and COVID-19, it is therefore essential to eliminate stigma and discrimination against vulnerable groups by putting all people at the center of action.

In order for us to reach a huge number of people in Togo, CSL extended its awareness and the screening tour that continued to other sites until December 08, 2022.

By, Communication Team

Centres Sociaux Loyola (CSL)

Ismael Matambura



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