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The AJAN vision, of empowered individuals, families and communities working towards an HIV- and AIDS-free society and fullness of life, is realised by Jesuits and their co-workers who reach out to people with HIV, their families, widows and orphans, and who seek to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

They do so in the course of their daily work, as they seek to live a faith that does justice. “AIDS affects those we serve, and touches all the fields we are engaged in: parishes, the sectors of health, education, development, social services and others,” says Fr Paterne Mombé SJ, AJAN Director. “One can find a place for it in all our apostolic sectors and include it in all our activities.”

Services offered include pastoral counselling, home-based care, income-generating activities, and educational, medical and nutritional support. Prevention of HIV thorough value-based education, prevention of mother-to-child transmission and testing services is crucial, not least among young people.

In the course of their ministry, Jesuits and their co-workers find that they are also called to defend the dignity and rights of those affected, which are often threatened by stigma, discrimination and by the lack of care, treatment and opportunities that they need to live life to the full.

In all this work, it is considered crucial to listen to people living with HIV and others who are affected, to shape responses according to their needs, and to invite their participation in services offered.

The mission of AJAN as a network is to offer Jesuits and their co-workers all the facilitation and support they need for this AIDS ministry: networking, coordination of advocacy initiatives, as well as capacity-building and resource mobilisation. 

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