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Youth Movies for Life & for Love


International Competition within Catholic Educational Institutions
(Inspired from Scenarios from Africa)

Second Edition
1st December, 2013 to 1st April, 2014




Are you in a Catholic school or any other Catholic institution aiming at educating the youth?

You are invited to come up with an innovative or striking idea, about a real life situation that reveals either the risks facing young people today which make them vulnerable to HIV, fighting stigma and discrimination by being a Good Samaritan to those infected or affected or heroic choice by young people to lead a recommendable and value-based life to avoid the risk of HIV infection.

Your message could reach millions of young people in the format of short films and help them be part of an HIV& AIDS free generation.

Take part in the competition… and win a prize!!!

About ‘Youth Movies for Life & for Love’ Competition

The competition will take place in Catholic Educational Institutions across Sub Saharan Africa from December 1st, 2013 to April 1st 2014. It is open to young people from aged between 10 to 24 years old as of 1st April, 2014

Come up with an original idea or “scenario” for a short film of 5 to 10 minutes in length, and compete with other young people by proposing the best message on how the youth can respond to the challenge of HIV, how to adopt values or ways that encourage a good lifestyle or making choices that are life-giving (promoting healthy relationships and a promising future) and which will help young people to avoid contracting Sexually Transmitted Illnesses (STIs) and HIV infection.

The 30 first best ideas with correct information on AIDS will be selected and adapted by professional film makers into films and diffused everywhere in Africa.


How to participate?

You may join the competition either on your own or with a group of friends. If you are part of a team of peer educators, or of a Youth against AIDS Club or a similar group, you may want to present a joint effort.

Write a story about real life situations faced by young people that may make them vulnerable to HIV infection, share on their feelings and thoughts, and propose realistic solutions that lead to happy and stable relationships with others by valuing oneself.

You may put your idea or message in the form of a story, dialogue or drama.

Send us the text with your idea in English, French or Portuguese. Your type-written text should be no more than seven pages long.


Suggested stories or topics

You can write on any topic suggested on the list provided here. You have a choice of writing a maximum of two stories, each on a different topic from the list. Below is the list of topics to guide you.


  • Factors, Risks and Vulnerability to HIV infection
  1. Alcohol & drug abuse
  2. Risk taking for material favours
  3. Poverty & Prostitution
  4. Pressure from parents
  5. Sexual abuse and rape
  6. Sexual harassment at school & workplace
  7. Negative peer pressure
  8. Risky traditional practices
  9. Lack of education & information
  10. Pornography/negative influence of media
  11. Fear of knowing one’s status
  12. High prevalence of untreated STIs


  • Prevention
  1. Preventing STIs and HIV infections
  2. Abstinence or continence until marriage
  3. Faithfulness in couples to be married or married
  4. Secondary Virginity
  5. Communication amongst members of a family(Parent-Child Communication)
  6. Mother-Child Transmission


  • Positive living
  1. Positive living with HIV
  2. Being a Good Samaritan in a world of HIV and AIDS
  3. Stigma & Discrimination
  4. Social support from family and friends
  5. Use of ARVs for people who are HIV positive
  6. Voluntary counselling & testing


  • Life skills that help to face HIV/AIDS
  1. Making “cool“ decisions (good judgments)
  2. Discernment in decision making
  3. Choosing the right role models
  4. Value in delaying sexual debut
  5. Caring for one’s body
  6. Positive peer pressure
  7. Learning to say “NO”
  8. Using good values & virtues
  9. Respect for girls by boys
  10. Leadership & personal activism
  11. Caring for young people who are HIV+
  12. Courage in being different
  13. My choice today is my future



A jury will examine all the contributions and select 30 best ideas. The 30 winners of the competition will be notified and given their prizes. Each of them will receive an amount of US$100 and later on receive the DVD after production. The top winner will be awarded a special prize of US$300. Only one prize will be given to contestants participating as a group. The jury’s decisions are irrevocable.



Youth MOVIES FOR LIFE & FOR LOVE 2nd Edition is coordinated by African Jesuit AIDS Network (AJAN). All the entries will become the property of AJAN, which reserves the right to adapt and to use them to make educational DVDs in the context of HIV/AIDS prevention. The winners authorise AJAN to use their scenarios, names, and addresses for publicity purposes.

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