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AJANews 133 – September 2014

Magis Africa 2014: “It all starts with me” – “It all starts with me”. The simple realisation of what each one can and should do to build a world of love, justice and peace was one of the highlights of the Magis Africa 2014 Experience…Read more

Zambia: Surprised and inspired -Having young people around at the home-based care (HBC) project of his parish in rural Zambia has made Fr Kelly Michelo realize how much they are needed in the fight against AIDS… Read more

Zimbabwe: Faith in action -The pluck and openness of patients at an AIDS hospice left a deep impact on a group of African and European youth who visited as part of their MAGIS experience in Zimbabwe… Read more

Zimbabwe: So much to thank God for – It was an experience where the heart and mind were interlocked to live in the moment. The experience was that of true accompaniment for those who have lost hope and meaning of life, and also for all of us, to reflect on our own lives and to see them as a gift… Read more


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