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The war isn’t over yet

The war against AIDS hasn’t been won yet. Much has been done, but there still more to do, and it ought to be done in a better way, possibly the best. This call to sustained action to fight AIDS emerged during an assembly of several days that was held in Nairobi

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We’ll be the last to quit the scene

“What are you going to Kenya to do? To discuss with people there about the lack of resources to support people living with HIV, like me? Tell them this: if I am alive today, it is because I was lucky to be brought from a distant village to this town,

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Togo: My life is back on track

2 May 2017 – My name is Ama Kidiba. I am 44, HIV-positive and divorced, and I have a family of three children: two girls and a boy. The first two years after I discovered that I was HIV-positive were tumultuous times… Read more

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Challenges for people living with HIV in DRC

4 March 2017 – The year 2016 was full of chronic challenges for people living with HIV in Kisangani, in Congo’s Eastern Province. It would be wonderful if these problems could be assuaged in 2017. Chief among these is a deficit in AIDS awareness outside urban areas, where there are

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Treat everyone as a human being

4 March 2017 – People never ever lose their humanity. Even when they are seriously ill, they remain human beings, with a special gift to share with others. Pope Francis underscored the inalienable dignity and uniqueness of each one of us in his annual message for the World Day of

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