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Echoes of the Maisha Center, Kisangani

The months of June and July were difficult for Center Maisha. We lost seven people. All were on ARV treatment and their condition was not as serious as one might have feared. This ordeal does not leave us indifferent, rather it prompts us to rethink the response to this scourge and to sharpen the service we render to our brothers and sisters living with HIV / AIDS, albeit with very limited means.

Moreover, the successive strikes by doctors and nurses do not make our job any easier. To remedy this, a doctor (Christian from our parish) is ready to consult those who need care every Monday in our premises where materials necessary for first aid are prepared.

With this being the Ignatian Jubilee Year, four themes chosen for our activities with young people have been identified, namely; fight against gambling, fight against alcoholism and other drugs, environmental Protection, and a taste for reading.

As a prelude to these activities, the Maisha Center was invited on August 21, 2021, to the “Complexe Scolaire Francophone la Qualité” for an engagement with students from all classes and their teachers on the theme: “Become a happy generation”. 

In his remarks, the speaker of the day, Father Séverin Mukoko, director of the Maïsha Center, invited young people to become aware of what should guide them towards concrete choices for a better tomorrow. The use of narcotics, acts of vandalism, delinquency, violence is major obstacles to realize the dreams that lie dormant among young people.

Several reflective questions contained in this theme prompted young people to think deeply about the meaning to be given to their lives, among others:

  • And I am a student of the Complexe Scolaire Francophone la Qualité, what are my dreams? Do I have dreams dormant in me today? What am I doing to make these dreams come true?
  • What do you observe, around you, in your friends, in actions taken… that do not help to achieve what you really want or which can compromise your dreams?

In the same month of August, a meeting took place with the presidents of the parish youth commissions of all the parishes of the Archdiocese to reflect together on the program of activities that the Maisha Center intends to carry out during this jubilee year, especially this school vacation time. 

By ANGWAMBI KUKYA Toussaint -Maisha Center

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