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Intergenerational dialogue of Elders and Learners at Ocer Campion Jesuit College, Uganda

The AHAPPY team in Ocer Campion Jesuit College, organized a youth elders dialogue on 15th April 2023, at the school located in Gulu, Uganda. The event that was attended by 5 elders and 50 learners was aimed at driving home key concepts in character formation of the youth. Discussions were conducted in five learning stations each led by an elder followed by a general dialogue at the end. Both learners and elders were conversant with the topics and openly elaborated on them. The vital areas covered includes Generation gap, Globalization, Health/HIV, Culture, Purity and Morals.

AHAPPY Coordinators, Elders together with the youth converge for the intergenerational dialogue

The organized dialogue between the youth and the elders is a brainchild of African Jesuit AIDS Network (AJAN), a problem solving program developed to help in the upbringing of the youth. In the past, the project was being undertaken through radio talk shows, carrying out sensitization and community outreach programs. In seeking to do more, we had to involve more stakeholders in advocating for a transformative society. In collaboration with AJAN, Ocer Campion Jesuit College has made it a mandate to address the challenge in the generational gap that has been one of the factors contributing to High rate of HIV infections in Africa. Through open discussions and interaction between elders and learners we were able to; Improve understanding between the youth and elders in handling issues of generational gaps and to awaken their consciousness on Culture, peace, unity, health(HIV) and morals.

Elders take time to have a conversation with the youth in different stations

The participants were able to demonstrate their understanding in handling issues of generational gap through different exercises and attained important skills to bridge this gap to develop a strong bond of love and happiness in families. The elders present emphasized on the significant roles of the youth and elders in the society in the fight against the spread of HIV. From the discussion on Globalization learners elaborated on the greater inequality, increased corruption, erosion of cultural identity, economic advancement, greater access to technology and cultural diversity as the impacts of globalization.

Sch. Rovelt Msaki SJ during a session with the learners at Ocer

Cultures and traditions remain the basis of creating a morally upright generation of youths which goes back to the roots and the discussion on issues related to our culture and its impact in character formation, improved moral standards, unity and sense of belonging among our members. We are grateful to AJAN and AHAPPY team in Ocer for their enormous support. We are looking forward to hold more discussions on various topics in order to create a hope filled future for the youth.

By, Sch. Rovelt Msaki SJ

AHAPPY Coordinator and Teacher at Ocer Campion Jesuit College

Ismael Matambura



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