Above; the participating students

Within AJAN’S 2019 schedule includes symposiums at secondary schools in three countries; Kenya Uganda and Zimbabwe. The main intention is enabling students to discover their talent or abilities and to boost their sociability. This approach greatly improves student’s perspectives and behavior concerning HIV and AIDS.

In Kenya, AJAN collaborated with three Catholic schools; the host St. Aloysius Gonzaga (Nairobi), Brother Beausang Catholic Education Centre (BBCEC)(Kajiado) and St. Michael’s Secondary school of the Sisters of Mercy (Nairobi). The topic on this day (29th June 2019) was Living responsible lives for a better tomorrow. Each school produced 50 students making a total of 150 participants.

Below: Fr. Elphege Quenum engages the students in a discussion

The main guest, Mr. Steve Arodi, a motivator of young people, spoke passionately about self-awareness. Drama, songs, question and answer period, and group discussions ensued during the day.

The guest speaker in session with participants.

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