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AJANews 138 – February 2015

Renewing our commitment to “a faith that does justice” – AIDS is first and foremost an urgent challenge to social justice rather than a merely medical problem… Read more

Kenya: National dialogue pledges joint action against stigma – People living with HIV in Kenya are still subject to high levels of stigma and some still shun treatment as a result. A national survey based on “lived experiences” rated stigma and discrimination in Kenya at 45%… Read more

Kenya: Creating safe spaces for people with HIV – The Jesuit parish of St Joseph the Worker in Kangemi, on the outskirts of Nairobi, runs the Uzima program for people living with HIV. Uzima has 45 men and 67 women in support groups… Read more

From herds-boy to Jesuit deacon – The dream that I wished to come true about 15 years ago came to realization on Valentine’s Day this year. On 14 February, I and 17 other African Jesuits were ordained deacons, which is a significant step towards priesthood… Read more


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