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Christian Life Community Outreach: Touching Lives in Kingabwa, Kinshasa, DRC

On Sunday, March 3rd, 2024, members of the Christian Life Community (CLC), Kinshasa undertook a visit to Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV) and orphans, whom it accompanies in Kingabwa, Kinshasa City, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The gathering commenced with a mass, followed by a gathering at the parish hall. The priest led the assembly in singing “Give us, Lord, a new heart,” a song that resonated with all those in attendance, uniting them in prayer and reflection.

Father Blaise Emmanuel CICM, parish priest, urged patients in clear and precise terms to hold on in these particular circumstances. He told them; “Let us give thanks for what God gives us to accomplish this mission through the CLC in our Saint Kizito parish in Kingabwa. Let us also pray for the CLC members so that the Lord gives them the strength to exercise this apostolate. To you CLC members, continue this apostolate tirelessly, it is undoubtedly the mission that the Lord has entrusted to you. My predecessor spoke to me about it during the handover and I’m really proud of it. Certainly, supporting one or a group of patients is no small thing to do; that requires a lot of effort, in terms of time, resources, sharing and good will.

The parish priest continued by saying, “The proof is that to get here to Saint Kizito, it is really very very difficult, if not impossible. The two roads which connect the heavy goods boulevard to the Kingabwa district are in a state of total disrepair. Some pamis arrived here with clothes wet with mud from rainwater. What a commitment! Well, my brothers and sisters gathered in this place this morning, I urge you to walk with Jesus during this beautiful time of Lent so that we can benefit from his Love because we have only Him as Master. Good continuation of the programs.”

In succession, Dr. Anne Marie Katalayi, the Coordinator of the CLC, Saint Ignatius, extended her gratitude to all present on behalf of the entire CLC. She began by recounting the life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola,

“Firstly, as a soldier in the royal court Saint Ignatius wanted to conquer everything. There are soldiers among us here, they know what honors they experience when they find themselves in the presidential courtyard. Secondly, as a victim of violence, he receives a cannonball in the leg; he is hospitalized, perhaps with the idea of ​​returning to his profession, once cured. Thirdly, Saint Ignatius converted: on a hospital bed, Ignatius is bored, he wants to have fun, and he is presented with two books, one which speaks of the life of Jesus and the other about the Saints and Fourthly, we are beckoned to embody the model of Ignatius: the Priest, the Pilgrim, the exemplary figure to emulate (the Grand Coach), and the initiator of the spirituality that encompasses us.”

Subsequently, she explained the purpose of the visit which was worth her time and showed our beneficiaries the importance that the CLC gives in this part of the Lord’s harvest, each time repeating the words of the Priest.

She concludes by saying, “you have a lot to teach us and we are obliged to share our lives together to respond to the Lord’s call.”

In the name of the patients one of them, Auntie EMELEMEKI took the opportunity to express gratitude to God for the long-awaited visit. She swiftly conveyed the appreciation of her community towards this apostolate, highlighting the joy derived from visits by certain members of the CLC at home, occasional aid support, assistance with schooling for some orphans, and more significantly, addressing the challenges: stigma, conflicts arising from HIV status, exacerbated hunger due to ARV medication, obstacles in sending children to school, and the compulsion to forego necessities. As students, the trade learners thanked the CLC they now feel useful in society.

The turn of the exchanges came where we had the questions – answers session, review of proposals, observations and finally, handing over of the essential foodstuffs.

By, Paul Mwense

Member, Christian Life Community

Ismael Matambura



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