Article by Ornela Emefa PAKOU, 

The celebration of the International Women’ Rights Day on Friday, March 8, 2019 was a particular day in Loyola Social Centers. Women beneficiaries of the centers (CEL & CCL) have particularly focused on the improvement of their health and living conditions. It is the expression of their rights through their financial autonomy in their vulnerability.

They were sixty women who worked in synergy around the fabrication of soaps, a cooking demonstration that shows how much a family can have a balanced diet with good management of available resources.

Women beneficiaries debated around the theme of the day “Think fairly, build intelligently innovate for change “ in the multipurpose room of the sports complex. Women from Loyola Social Centers were supported in this celebration by men. It was a wonderful day full of various activities.

The strategy was to show how, once aware of her situation, any woman can become the leader of her family, meet challenges and create an autonomy around her and her family while claiming her rights but also fulfilling her duties at the same time.

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