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How The AHAPPY Program has Mentored Us to be Problem Solvers

I am Winny Cheboi a youth leader from the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret, Nerkwo Parish, a participant at the AHAPPY training that happened at St. John’s Pastoral Center, Eldoret from 21st to 24th February 2023.

Winny Cheboi receives AHAPPY certificate from the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret Rt. Rev. Dominic Kimengich

The AHAPPY training had well organized trainers and mentors who were able to equip us with knowledge on several units and issues that are affecting young people around us. I appreciate the mentors for finding time to come and interact with the youth leaders from the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret. The time we have spent with the trainers was worthwhile, as through brainstorming sessions we were able to find the challenges facing the young people in our respective deaneries and diocese. We were also able to come up with the solutions on how we will journey together with the youth. The proposed activities to be undertaken will help in alleviating challenges that the youth are facing such as unemployment.

The sessions on HIV, mentorship and mindset were really interesting for me, as it provided me with the added knowledge that I have gained from school and experience got from my day to day work on how I can handle the young people. Since am a Psychologist I understand that stigma is one of the underlying issues that is affecting the young people and youths who live with HIV. We have youths who are indulged in drug abuse because of lack of employment opportunities. With the new skills gained, I can say profoundly that I am now able to offer psychosocial support to them.

Winny Cheboi shares with participants her knowledge on HIV/AIDS as a Psychologist and councilor

Apart from me being a psychologist I just believe that youth generally should be able to show love and provide the psychosocial support to those affected by HIV as they are our brothers and sister. The youth should be at the forefront in taking preventive measures.

With this training, I believe am more intelligent, attentive, responsible and reasonable. I am now able to think critically, act and prove my actions. As a leader am now going to journey with the young people by sharing with them the knowledge, I was impacted with by the AJAN team. Providing mentorship and offering psychosocial support to those who are unemployed.

Participants take part in group discussion activity

Am glad that I will going out there to share the AHAPPY program with fellow youth. The program is targeted at the youth, the contents of the program are empowering and are directed towards the concerns and challenges that the youth are facing in their daily life.

My gratitude to the AHAPPY program trainers for the Knowledge they have impacted upon us. I can comfortably tell that all the participants came out of this training with an open-mind ready to challenge existing beliefs and cultures that inhibit our growth. Thank you for your love and support. Be blessed.


Winny Cheboi

Psychologist counselor, Youth Leader Catholic Diocese of Eldoret

Ismael Matambura



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